Maria Cuccia

VP Sales / Regulatory Affairs

  • Maria has been involved in all aspects of the Extentrac® invention, development, manufacturing, finance as well as the sales & distribution process
  • Since 1990 Maria has focused specifically on Business & Product Development, Project & Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs
  • Maria was chiefly responsible for implementing Advanced Back Technologies’ ISO Quality Systems, primarily in overseeing ABT’s application to receive ISO 13485:2003 clearance.
  • Additionally, Maria was in charge of all FDA and quality systems audits in the United States and abroad. Her critical role in maintaining FDA certification through the implementation of these quality systems facilitated sales and acceptance of the product on a global basis beginning in 2005.
  • As CEO of Advanced Back Technologies Maria Cuccia has personally overseen the sale of Extentrac® Elite machines in over 15 countries worldwide.