Alan Squillante

VP of Operations

  • Alan Squillante started his career as a mechanical engineer in the product development and manufacturing industry in 1982 after graduating from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He also holds an MBA from Dowling College
  • He joined Sperry Corporation in 1982, which through a series of mergers and acquisitions became a division of Lockheed Martin. While at Sperry he played a major role managing teams and developing radar systems for the US Navy, US Air Force, and NOAA
  • In 1997 he Joined Porta Systems Corporation where he developed products for the telecommunications industry and he advanced from a Project Engineer to the Director of Engineering leading the engineering team in the US and Mexico. After Porta Systems was acquired by Tii Industries, he held the position of Director of Engineering Projects
  • In 2012 he joined Bren-Tronics where he led the mechanical engineering team in the development of batteries, battery chargers, and energy systems for military and commercial customers
  • He has consulted for inventors and entrepreneurs developing products including producibility improvements for Advanced Back Technologies.
  • He holds utility and design patents in multiple fields and he is teaching robotics at the New York State’s Science and Technology Entry Program