Orly Watson

Finance & Human Resources

  • Orly Watson spent her professional career in banking, accounting, bank regulation, controlling and tax reporting
  • Joined BfG (a German commercial bank) at their Branch in New York in 1986 as an Operations and Accounting intern
  • Completed International Banking Certification at NYU in 1988
  • In 1998 Orly was offered the Deputy Branch Manager’s position with SuedWest/LB, which later merged into today’s LBBW. Orly was tasked with developing and building the operations of a fully operational branch, which included the setup of a funding and trading desk, accounting, internal audit, human resources, IT infrastructure, procedure and operating manuals supporting the business and trading strategy
  • In 2006 she joined HSH Nordbank with responsibilities to establish internal controls, upgrade local German GAAP to IFRS Accounting, secure accurate accounting for downsizing of the company in late 2012, establishing accounting processes for bad debt and recovery of assets, and as CFO succeeded in negotiations with tax authorities to reduce taxable burden of more than $180 million to less than $5 million.