James Fitzgerald

Chief Investment Officer

  • James Fitzgerald is recognized as a real estate banking expert with a career that spanned nearly 35 years. He held senior leadership positions within several large global banks and successfully concluded nearly $35 billion in sophisticated transactions across America.
  • In 1977 he was presented with the David Rockefeller Presidential Award for outstanding financial contribution to Chase Bank  and became one of the youngest senior vice presidents in Chase Bank history. In the early 80’s Joshua Muss, former Chairman of Chase Trust, acting out of the Reagan White House, recruited James to become President of Washington D.C. based Drake Real Estate Co.
  • In 2008 Jim assumed the role of Co-Managing partner of Heritage Strategies LLC, a prominent estate planning family office in the US, where he created Heritage Solutions LLC which is an affiliated private equity firm that has invested in real estate, technology and the beverage sector
  • Jim was also responsible for launching a $100 million investment fund with New York Life and Cushman and Wakefield