Dr. David Cuccia

Product Development & Quality Control

  • Dr. David Cuccia is the inventor of Extentrac® and developer M3D technique and Chairman and Founder of Advanced Back Technologies, Inc.
  • David is a Chiropractor who has been treating patients in his private clinic, located in Syosset, New York, since 1982
  • As his practice grew, Dr. Cuccia recognized the need for a more effective means of treating patients, since he felt limited by conventional linear treatment tables
  • Dr. Cuccia built the first prototype of Extentrac® in his garage in 1983. As he continued to research published literature on the effectiveness of patient positioning, he began to develop the ability to customize his treatment protocols according to patient need
  • After years of encouragement by patients to market his invention, Dr. Cuccia and Maria Cuccia decided to incorporate Advanced Back Technologies, Inc., for the purpose of designing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling ABT’s flagship product known as Extentrac® to spine care clinicians around the world